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Chat Benefits, Reduces Expenses, Improves Customer Service and Loyalty, Increases Sales, Addresses Customer Pain Points​

Chat is becoming the preferred channel of interaction globally, along with voice and email. More and more, automated conversations with chatbots and real-time interactions with service agents in chat windows have become the norm. Today, many of the world’s largest and most recognizable brands are offering chat as one of the primary channels for customer engagement.​

Technical Support


Available anytime, anywhere, and providing fast responses to customer inquiries with less wait time, chat is well-suited to support products/services that are complex and likely to leave customers with questions.

  • Cost savings: reduced telecom costs
  • Increase in sales and exceptional return on investment
  • Reduction in service spikes and abandonment rates (up to 20% conversion increase)*
  • Better advocacy and brand loyalty scores
  • Seamlessly integrates into all chat platforms
  • Available in several languages
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